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Saturday, November 17, 2018
The use of always-on, high-speed internet services is accelerating in the United States, and will bring about significant changes in the way people use the web to communicate. More and more, people will use the web to access information related to the community, civic, business and faith-based organizations in which they are involved. These organizations need to be prepared to meet the information needs of their members with dynamic, interactive portals.

Homeschool Websites & Membership Portals is a web property of Forerunner Communications and a member of The Forerunner Network, a leading provider of hosting services that enables individuals, organizations and businesses to build and manage dynamic, interactive portals and websites. Our services are powered by the DotNetNuke open source portal software, which is based on the Microsoft .NET platform. This advanced technology allows us to provide superior, cost effective website and portal hosting services.

Our hosting services use a modular approach to contstructing and managing interactive websites, corporate intranets and membership portals. No in-depth HTML or web development skills are required to begin hosting a dynamic site.

To start using our services, you need only to Get Started Today or contact us for more information.

  Dynamic Websites        
We can provide your group with a dynamic, interactive website. This includes:
  • Custom Modules
  • Content Management
  • Intranet Functionality
  • ...and Much More!

      Membership Portals        
    We can also provide your group with an interactive membership portal. This includes:
  • Member Registration
  • Members' Only Content
  • Advanced Functionality
  • ...and Much More!

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