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Saturday, November 17, 2018
Customer Care Center

The Homeschool Websites & Membership Portals Customer Care Center is intended to assist our members in creating and maintaining their websites using our advanced content management system. The two main components of the Customer Care Center are the Member Forums and Member Documentation.

Member Forums provide members with an interactive forum to post questions related to creating and maintaining their website. This approach facilitates the creation of a knowledge base that will benefit all members. Topics for the Member Forums include:

  • General Discussion
  • Support Topics
  • Feature Requests
  • Bug Reports
  • Sales Topics

Member Documentation provides a group of help documents and interactive demonstrations that guide members in performing routine tasks related to creating and maintaining their website.

Users must login to post to the member forums and gain access to the member documentation.

  Dynamic Websites        
We can provide your group with a dynamic, interactive website. This includes:
  • Custom Modules
  • Content Management
  • Intranet Functionality
  • ...and Much More!

      Membership Portals        
    We can also provide your group with an interactive membership portal. This includes:
  • Member Registration
  • Members' Only Content
  • Advanced Functionality
  • ...and Much More!

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